Silicon Labs EFR32MG21A ZigBee 3.0 Module NB-MMD44A

  • The NB-MMD44x series ZigBee wireless transmission modules are based on Silicon Labs’ advanced low-power wireless connectivity chip EFR32MG21A, with small and low power consumption. The NBMMD44x module supports ZigBee 3.0,BLE, BLE-Mesh, Thread, and other protocols.
  • The enhanced CPU architecture is a single instruction cycle, and the peripherals are very rich; serial port, PWM, analog-to-digital conversion, timer, and power control have been integrated. The industrial-grade chip can work in very harsh
  • The NB-MMD44x modules have all IO ports reserved for unrestricted use. The modules have a wide range of potential applications because of their transmission and anti-interference capability.
  • The NB-MMD44x series modules consist of main chip, clock circuit, RF circuit, reset circuit, interface circuit, onboard antenna, and u.FL antenna terminal. Cortex-M33 CPU, frequency clock 40MHz. 512-1024KB flash, 64-96K RAM, 18GPIOs.
  • The NB-MMD44x series modules are available in one package, 22PIN (23mm*16mm).