Semtech LLCC68 LoRa Module XY-MLS68B

The XY-MLS68B LoRa module is based on Semtech Sub-GHz LoRa RF Transceiver LLCC68. LLCC68 is suitable for 433 MHz and 470 MHz. The XY-MLS68B is SMD wireless module and uses an industrial 32MHz crystal oscillator. It is designed for long battery life with just 4.2 mA of active receive current consumption. The XY-MLS68B LoRa module can transmit up to +22 dBm with highly efficient integrated power amplifiers.

Compared with the previous generation of LoRa transceivers, their anti-jamming performance and communication distance have been further improved. Due to its new LoRaTM modulation technology, its anti-jamming performance and communication distance are far superior to the current FSK and GFSK modulation products.

The XY-MLS68B LoRa module is mainly used in smart buildings, wireless meter reading, scientific research, medical, and long-distance wireless communication equipment. The XY-MLS68B can cover 410 ~ 493 MHz wide applicable frequency range.

Due to the XY-MLS68B LoRa module being a pure RF transceiver module, you need to use an MCU driver or special SPI debugging tool to work with it.