ASR5601C Bluetooth Low Energy 5.2 (BLE 5.2) Module XY-MBA32B

  • The XY-MBA32B is a powerful, highly flexible, ultra-low power Bluetooth® 5.1 module based on ASR Technology ASR5601C, which has an Arm® Cortex™-M0+ CPU with the floating-point unit running at 64MHz.
  • The XY-MBN32B BLE module has built-in 512KB Flash, 96KB SRAM, rich configurable peripheral interfaces, and high-performance low-power Bluetooth RF, transmit power adjustable from -30dBm to +10dBm, receive sensitivity of -98dBm. In addition, the Bluetooth Low Energy module also integrates a 16MHz crystal oscillator and IPEX port(RF PCB printed antenna), industrial-grade design, a RoHS process, and half-hole pins for easy production processing.